Reasons As To Why You Are Having A Hard Time In Finding A Lawyer

Every now and then, we receive a call from someone who is desperate for legal help, but cannot find any personal injury lawyer to take on their case. Often, these people are feeling hopeless and frustrated because they believe they have a valid case, but yet are only receiving responses such as “We’re sorry, but we are unable to help you at this time. Please consult another personal injury lawyer.”

If you are in a similar situation, we understand that you might be annoyed, but there may be a few reasons as to why you are having a hard time in finding a lawyer. 

The Reason for Generic Answers

If a lawyer has denied your claim, they most likely did not give you a reason why. In fact, you probably got a very general reply. First and foremost, many lawyers have different expectations for a case. For example, some lawyers will only handle cases that involve large corporations and others will focus on small claims cases. Even if you have been denied by a handful of lawyers, does not mean you don’t have a case. It just means you might be asking the wrong lawyer for help. 

To add to this, a lawyer won’t say you have a “bad” case, especially while the statute is running. To say that could mean that you immediately lose hope. It is in the best interest of a lawyer to provide you with a generic response; something like:

“Thank you for contacting our firm. We reviewed your case and are unable to help you.”

If you have received responses like the above, it may be worth your time and effort to keep searching for a personal injury lawyer. Bare in mind, if you were reaching out to any lawyer, such as a general lawyer, it may be a good idea to try talking with a lawyer who focuses on personal injury law. Finally, if you feel like you have exhausted your efforts, the following information may explain why you are unable to find a lawyer for your personal injury claim.

Why Your Case Might Not Have Been Accepted by a Personal Injury Lawyer 

  • The injuries you sustained were not serious enough
  • It is not clear who is responsible
  • You were completely at fault
  • The anticipated recovery of compensation is not much more than the cost of building your case
  • There are relevant damage caps or tort reforms associated with your case
  • There are location or proximity issues
  • You are not filling a claim for money, but rather as a method of “revenge”
  • You have exceeded the statute of limitations
  • You did not provide the lawyer with enough information

Potential Problems with Your Medical Care

The lawyer you talk to might ask you about the medical care you have received following the accident. When you received it and through which method can affect the value and strength of your case.

It is your right to seek compensation for your medical care; however, you cannot ask for an amount that cannot be backed up by the doctors’ diagnosis and recommendations. In other words, it has to be reasonable. If you have received any questionable care, a lawyer or defending side may challenge this care. Furthermore, questions might be raised if your medical bills are higher than the average amount of a similar service. If a lawyer is denying your case based on medical care, it may be because:

  • You underwent experimental procedures for treatment
  • You sought care for unrelated medical issues
  • There are significant gaps between you treatment
  • You waiting an excessive period of time to get treatment
  • You have not followed your doctor’s orders
  • You’re being treated by a doctor who has been investigated for fraud
  • You have not seen a medical doctor yet, and there is a large gap in time between now and the accident

All lawyers have different expectations. As a general rule of thumb you should consult 3-8 lawyers before you choose one, or give up.