Maryland Family Child Custody Equal Rights Demanded by Fathers – Family Law in Montgomery County, MD

Maryland Family Law for Fathers, Child Custody and Support

For many reasons ranging from the general economy to much more diverse and accepted cohabitation arrangements among parents and caregivers, fathers (married or not) are more and more likely to seek greater custody share without bowing to commonly-held notions or procedures.  As this child custody and family law article states, “You’ve seen more households that had two working parents, and if a parent was out of work, it happened to be the father, and he was therefore taking over more of the parenting duties…This has changed, in many ways, men’s relationships to their children, and that has been reflected in some of the growth of (family law) firms catering to men and fathers’ rights.”

Trying to interpret individual Maryland child custody laws without fully understanding the Maryland Family Law Court system and the constantly shifting landscape of new legislation and sources of input and authority, greatly decreases the chance of achieving an outcome favorable to you in your case – whether you’re a father or mother. That’s why it’s in your best interest to consult effective, knowledgeable Maryland child custody and support lawyers with current attorney experience in Maryland child custody, child support, divorce, domestic violence/abuse, and other related family law case types.

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