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As a Construction Worker, Why Is It Important to Wear Eye and Face Protection?

Employers have a responsibility to protect their construction workers from harm. With such a dangerous and chaotic field, it is imperative that protective equipment is provided and used. In the event of an accident, the body and senses...

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What Can You Do If Your Employer Does Not File an Incident Report?

Workers Compensation Ideally when you are injured at work, you will report it right away for workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, in some cases, your employer may not report the injury at all. Your compensation claim is time sensiti...

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Maryland Workers Compensation Law & Data – Employees Insurance 2013 Cost Increases Highest

Workers Compensation Lawyer Baltimore What professional occupations in Maryland are driving the greatest increases in costs of workers’ compensation insurance, over the past year? What expertise should you be seeking in a Marylan...

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