Maryland Workers Compensation Law & Data – Employees Insurance 2013 Cost Increases Highest

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What professional occupations in Maryland are driving the greatest increases in costs of workers’ compensation insurance, over the past year? What expertise should you be seeking in a Maryland and Baltimore workers’ compensation lawyer?

The most recent workers compensation report out of the State of Maryland (The Maryland Insurance Administration, 2013 Report on Workers’ Compensation Insurance) generally depicts a competitive market for insurers, with a “modest” upwards trend over the past few years in “loss costs” due to injury experiences and benefits paid, along with rising medical and hospital fees.  Loss cost data is a primary input used by the Maryland commercial insurance industry as a basis on which to calculate set their own premiums for workers’ compensation health insurance coverage.

Some interesting, layman observations of this data include the payroll and loss cost data reported across the State of Maryland, sorted by Payroll Class, for the past year (2013-2014).  Over the past year, the largest payroll class with the greatest percentage increase in loss costs appeared to be “Analytical Laboratories or Assaying” (i.e. Larry the Lab Rat”), right ahead of employees associated with the Telephone or Telegraph Company (i.e. “Larry the Cable Guy”) and Auto Body Repair employees.  Street Cleaners, Drug Store Clerks, USPS Package Delivery-persons and those engaged in “Athletic Contact Sports” (presumably the Ravens and Charm City Roller Girls) round out the top 7.

On the other had, the largest group of workers with the smallest growth in loss costs, and therefore with perhaps the “safest” jobs, included Hotel Restaurant employees and Clerical Telecommuters.  That’s right, surfing the web at home as your job is evidently quite safe. Rounding out the top 7 “safest” job types in Maryland, according to this data alone, are those associated with Sugar Manufacturing, Dry Walling, Ditch-Digging, Road Paving, and Gas Station Operators.

So it’s not always entirely obvious which professions would tend to generate the most workplace injuries – suffice it to say the personal injuries can happen at any workplace, from the lab to the stadium to your front door. A Maryland firefighter, for example, was recently awarded worker’s compensation benefits (under Maryland’s “Going and Coming Rule”) after a crash while riding from his physical training class to the fire station to pick up company mail .

What’s most important is, if you do experience a workplace accident at your employer’s site, or while working on their behalf – you must then find and hire the most qualified, experienced workers compensation lawyer or attorney you can.  Particularly one with very local, Baltimore and Maryland knowledge, plus specific background in personal injury cases dealing with your payroll class, your type of working conditions and employers.

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