Examples of Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Taking care of the elderly can be an extremely challenging task, and many families throughout America are going to entrust their loved ones to nursing homes. However the elderly do not always receive the care that they deserve and cases of utter abuse in nursing homes have been on the rise that the country.

Types of nursing home abuse are varied. If you are an extremely wealthy individual and you are in a nursing home, you might be at risk for financial abuse, and this is the most commonly reported form of abuse. This type of abuse is so commonly reported because family members and loved ones are able to keep track of those bank accounts and see when a large amount of money is being moved without their loved one’s consent.

Forgery and theft, possession or misuse of funds and deception also fall in the financial abuse.

Some examples of horrible cases of abuse that have been documented from various nursing homes in America are listed below. This is not a full and complete list as this list is getting longer every day. If you believe that your loved one is experiencing nursing home abuse or elder abuse, reach out to her nursing home lawyer, such as the ones available at Davis & Brusca LLC.

A Few Reported Abuses

Workers often seem to be taking humiliating photos or videos of their patients and posting them on social media. These are often things that the elderly person cannot help doing, such as wetting the bed or messing themselves. This is a form of emotional abuse that may go unnoticed and be overlooked.

Over several months, a couple of elders were constantly abused and degraded by a group of nursing aides. The aide speech to men’s nipples and genitals while forcing him to eat his own feces. A 56-year-old with cerebral palsy was forced to walk around naked by the same aides. Although the abusers did lose their certifications, none of them were able or faced with criminal charges. This kind of abuse is both physical and emotional and mannerisms, and would likely be unreported by the resident that it is happening to because it is emasculating and it is extremely humiliating.

A resident of Kingstree Nursing Facility was assaulted by two staff members. She was discovered dead with bruises all over her body and a broken hip, this is considered extremely appalling and sent him nursing home abuse as the intent was to kill her.

At the heartland nursing home in West Virginia an 87-year-old pastor patient who had suffered from Alzheimer’s disease was found dead from malnutrition and dehydration. She was there for 19 days and the staff did not provide her with water during her stay.

Having these examples of appalling abuses done to elderly people that have been reported and dealt with can give you an idea of what you should watch out for. It’s not always going to be as obvious as this person is covered in bruises. Reach out to a nursing home lawyer if you think that your love doing in New Jersey is dealing with abuse.