Common Scenarios That Can Lead to a Car Accident

Driving safely on the road is critical to prevent accidents. When you practice good driving habits, you should be thinking of keeping others safe as well as yourself. Many accidents happen because drivers ignore traffic laws and drive in a manner that puts them at risk of getting injured. A car accident lawyer knows how just a few seconds of recklessness on the road can result in a catastrophic accident. Below are common scenarios that can cause a serious accident which can leave victims with injuries. 

Making Improper Left Turns

Unprotected left turns are dangerous because drivers are approaching cars from the opposite direction, so they must time them correctly. Sometimes drivers are in a rush and attempt to make a left turn when the oncoming cars are too close or driving too fast. T-bone accidents commonly occur as a result of an improper left turn, which often leave victims with moderate to severe neck and back injuries.

Failure to Yield at an Intersection 

Whenever a driver is near an intersection, they must slow down and watch for any vehicles or pedestrians that may be near. Don’t assume that other drivers will always give you the right of way at an intersection. A driver may not be paying attention, fail to see a stop sign, or they may be driving under the influence. Some drivers also try to beat a red light, which is highly dangerous because they can strike another vehicle who has the right of way. 

Driving Too Fast in Neighborhoods

Speed limits in neighborhoods are slower for a reason. There are often people walking, and small children or animals may suddenly run to the middle of the road. If you drive too fast, you may not be able to stop in time and can accidentally strike a person or animal.

Not Watching For Bicycles or Motorcycles

Accidents involving bicycles or motorcycles are common because many drivers fail to check for them. Because cyclists and motorists lack the protective barriers, they are most likely to suffer severe injuries when they are hit. Always yield for smaller vehicles because they are much more difficult to see, especially when you are driving at night. 

Prevent serious accidents by driving safely on the road. If you have been involved in a car accident, talk to a car accident lawyer now for legal help.