What to Do After a Bicycle Collision

Riding a bicycle on the road is intimidating. You must share the roadway with drivers who are not always careful to notice you. Sometimes distractions can lead to a collision with a vehicle, and it is crucial to know how to proceed in these situations.

Assess Your Injuries

Before you concern yourself with anything else, take a moment and assess your own injuries. Do you have any broken bones, or are you bleeding profusely? If you suffered significant trauma, call 911 and remain where you are, attempting to perform essential first aid.

If you are not seriously injured, check on the people in the vehicle that hit you. Does everyone seem OK?

Get to Safety

Once it is clear that there are no severe injuries, or after first aid is administered, it is critical to move out of the road. If you cannot move to a safer location, then ask that flares or cones be placed around the scene to warn oncoming traffic of the accident.

Call Emergency Services

Regardless of the extent of injuries, you will want to call emergency services to file an official police report, especially if you plan on filing an insurance claim or suing. If the situation does not call for immediate attention, then call the non-emergency line, not 911.

Record or Take Pictures of the Scene

If you plan on suing the at-fault party for damages, it is vital that you document the scene. Take pictures of any injuries or property damage using your phone. Also, it is smart to take down the contact information of any witnesses. You will also need the contact information of the at-fault driver for any insurance claim.

Go to the Hospital

Regardless of how you feel, go to the hospital. While it is not essential to take a ride in the ambulance, you will want to create a paper trail at the hospital for litigation purposes.

When you go to the doctor, tell them you were in an accident. They will make sure that the causes of your injuries are labeled in your records.

Call a Lawyer

After you have a few days to review your injuries, contact a lawyer to discuss your legal avenues for compensation. An attorney can help you determine if you have a strong enough claim for a personal injury action.
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