What is Presentencing?

No matter your first, second or third time being charged for A criminal offense, it can be a lot. Every case is different and therefore every time you are faced with a criminal charge the emotions are different. You never actually know what the outcome of your case may be however, most defendants would like to avoid jail time as much as possible. There are some cases when jail time can be avoided, this depends a lot on the evidence against you and also the attorney you have defending you. In many criminal cases judges will allow presentence interviews. Presentence interviews vary and are used to determine how much jail time or exactly what your punishment for the crime would be. Before this point it is Best to speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney. When you share the details of your case they can be carefully evaluated by that attorney and they will advise you on your next step. Consultations are typically free so speak with a criminal lawyer, like from The Lynch Law Group, as soon as you can.

What is a presentence interview? It is quite simple; it is an interview before sentencing occurs. To better understand how to prepare for a presentence interview it is important to know what a presentence interview consists of. For starters it is important to know that presentence interviews are interviews that gather data showing who you are. If you have an attorney they will make sure the information that is shown shows that you do not deserve the worst of the punishment.

Of course the judges and prosecutors will expect to know and see your criminal record. In order to determine how to punish you for a crime, taking note of any criminal offenses prior to this incident will be very important. 

People like to know that you are stable. Showing a history of your employment let them know that you are able to be a normal civilian in society. This is of course contingent upon how stable your employment is.

Witness statements. This is not related to the crime. Character witnesses May write letters or gift statements describing who you are to them or the community and showing how much of a benefit you are to the society and to others.

All of this information will be gathered to determine who you are and what should happen regarding your case depending on the evidence against you in the evidence gathered to prove you do not deserve the worst. Either way, contact a criminal defense attorney to prepare for your presentence interview.