Unexpected Consequences of a DUI Conviction

In the aftermath of being stopped for DUI, you have plenty to consider. You’re probably well-aware that these charges can lead to losing your driving privileges if you are convicted. You likely understand the tremendous inconvenience of not being able to drive yourself anywhere for a length of time. However, you may not be aware of the other effects a DUI conviction can have  your life. Things that could potentially result from a DUI conviction may include:

Substantial Fines

In addition to saying goodbye to your license for several months or more, you will probably be expected to pay fines and court costs. These add up, amounting to hundreds — maybe even thousands — of dollars for a first DUI conviction. Habitual offenders may expect even more significant fines, depending on the extent and severity of their offenses and previous driving record.

Loss of Employment

Your employee handbook may have a provision that enables your boss to terminate your employment over any criminal offense. Since DUI can potentially be a felony charge, you could be fired from your job if convicted. Also, managing your DUI requires you to take time off to meet with lawyers and appear in court. Your boss may not take kindly to that, and you may end up looking for a new job.

Car Insurance Termination

Your car insurance may terminate your policy for a DUI. In their eyes, you’re now a high risk they don’t want to take. While you can get a car insurance policy from another company, the cost may end up being incredibly high. Just one DUI conviction may be sufficient to nearly double your insurance premiums.

DUI Classes and Ignition Lock Devices

Upon a DUI conviction, you may be required to attend DUI classes. Additionally, the court can require the installation of an ignition lock device on your vehicle at your cost. These things can quickly add up to a significant expenditure of time and money.

Forfeiture of a Professional License

Many professions, including physicians, lawyers, and other specialists, have associations that govern their licensing. These governing agencies may choose to revoke the professional license of an individual who is convicted of a DUI.

Job Application Challenges

A question regarding whether you’ve been convicted of a felony is included on most job applications. Even if you choose to be untruthful about your conviction, it will show up on a background check.

Opportunity for Scholarships May Be Limited

Many educational institutions won’t grant scholarships to people with arrest records. Also, you could potentially be passed over for acceptance into a school if there is a DUI on your record.

Inability to Get a Weapons Permit

A felony conviction on your record prevents you from getting a permit to carry a firearm. If you are in a job or are seeking one where carrying a weapon is necessary, this can be an even bigger issue.

These are just some of the repercussions that can happen after a DUI conviction. If you or someone you love is facing DUI charges, you would be wise to contact a DUI lawyer, like a DUI lawyer in Fairfax, VA, to discuss your case immediately. It may be the most important thing you do today to secure your future.

Thanks to May Law, LLP for their insight into some of the unexpected consequences of a DUI conviction.