Understanding the Dangers of Pressure Cookers

Although pressure cookers are marvelous kitchen accessories, they are also highly dangerous. When used improperly or a manufacturing defect exists, injuries may occur. Here is some information regarding pressure cooker explosions, the suffering that can result when they do, and what actions should be taken after such an occurrence.

Causes of Pressure Cooker Burns

Because pressure cookers use high pressure to quickly cook food, the energy that builds within has the potential to explode. This creates a situation where food can get expelled with extreme force onto the operator, as well as other people.

Soups and chili are commonly cooked in these devices and the scalding liquid associated with such foods is particularly hazardous. When an explosion happens, the individual operating the device is almost certain to be splashed with hot matter. Because kitchens are common gathering places, individuals not involved in cooking might also be harmed.

Types of Pressure Cooker Burns

Pressure cooker burns typically impact the victim’s head, arms, and torso, with severity ranging from first to third degree. The level of injury is determined by various factors, including proximity to the device and temperature of the food.

In the event your cooker explodes and someone gets burned, seek a doctor’s care immediately. If the injury is too great or you have no available transport, dial 911 and allow an ambulance to transport the injured party to the emergency room. Before leaving home, unplug your cooker as an added safety measure.

Pressure Cooker Burn Lawsuits

Costs associated with pressure cooker accidents can be hefty. Bills for skin grafts, pain medication, and surgery can pile up quickly. The psychological trauma can also be severe. Those hurt in these incidents may have trouble sleeping or become afraid to enter the kitchen. This is especially true for children, whether they are affected directly or indirectly.

Your likelihood of successfully suing your cooker’s manufacturer is partially dependent upon how the appliance in question was handled. An ability to demonstrate faulty manufacturing will significantly improve your odds of a beneficial outcome. Those considering a lawsuit should save everything associated with their accessory. Keep records of medical bills and take photos of any kitchen damage. Once every piece of evidence has been secured, contact an attorney familiar with pressure cooker lawsuits.
Sustaining harm from a pressure cooker is deeply unfortunate. If the incident was not caused by misuse, compensation is deserved. Reach out to a knowledgeable lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Cohen & Cohen Attorneys, to assess your odds of receiving amends.