Some Common Concerns You Might Have After a DUI Stop

If you have been arrested with a DUI charge, you might have a few concerns. You have rights too, and you should do what you can to ensure those rights have been met. While you wait to get in touch with your attorney, you might find some of the following information helpful to address your concerns.

It’s Often Best to Comply with a Test

When you are stopped for DUI, there are some tests the officer can ask you to take. These are blood tests and breath tests, with the occasional urine test as well. If you are asked to take a test, it is often in your best interest to comply with the test. You can refuse the test, but there are consequences associated with doing so, including immediate suspension of your license.

You Can Call Your Lawyer at the Scene

In many states, you are allowed to call your lawyer at the scene of your arrest. You may have a time limit imposed, which is often 30 minutes, but speaking with your lawyer could prove to be a smart move. Your lawyer can help you determine whether to take a test, what you should or should not say, and a lot of other answers to certain issues.

You Are Entitled to Miranda Rights

If you are arrested and in handcuffs, the arresting officer is required to read you a Miranda warning. This informs you of your rights regarding incriminating questions. If you are not read your rights, anything you say to the officer may not be able to be used against you. If you are read your rights and still choose to speak with the officer, those words could be used against you in court.

There Are Many Laws at Play

When it comes to your DUI, there are many laws at play. For example, from the start, you are required to take a test based on implied consent laws. When you are charged by the district attorney’s office, “per se” and “zero tolerance” laws are followed. These laws are what help the prosecution gain a conviction in your DUI case, but can also work in your favor.

Learning More Today

Being charged with DUI isn’t something you should take lightly. As someone accused of a crime, you have rights, and a lawyer can help to ensure those rights are upheld. To get answers to your questions, and to really calm your concerns, contact a Civic Center San Francisco DUI lawyer, like from Hallinan Law Firm, today to learn more.