Slip and Fall Lawyer FAQ

When a slip and fall accident occurs, whether or not you can recover compensation, will depend on the facts and details of your own case. One of the most common elements that can affect this ability to recover is when there was a posted warning sign that warned those passing by about the potential risk of slipping and falling. 

If you slipped and fell in an area where there was a posted warning sign, your ability to recover damages could be affected. It is important to note the usage of the word “could”. As a slip and fall lawyer might explain to you, even when a warning sign was present, there may still be a way to recover economic and non economic damages. 

Can You File a Valid Claim?

If a warning sign was posted at the time of your accident you should still call a slip and fall lawyer who may consider:

The conditions of the premises at the time of the accident?

The amount of time the floor was slippery or wet?

Whether or not the spill occurred shortly before, or had it been left there for quite some time?

Was the hazardous conditions present long enough so employees should have been aware of the problem?

Was there enough time before the slip and fall to clean up the spill or wet floor?

Was the area being inspected by a store manager or other employee, and if so, how often?

Did the store, county, or state have rules that require a warning sign?

What are the requirements of a warning sign?

Was a sign posted in a visible location?

Was the sign noticeable?

Is there any photos, videos, or surveillance footage of the sign?

A slip and fall lawyer will ask these questions and determine as much as possible through a diligent investigation. If needed, a lawyer may call upon witnesses who saw the slip and fall happened, investigators, and expert witnesses. 

How a Warning Sign Might Affect Your Case

If you slipped and fell in the presence of a warning sign, a slip and fall lawyer will need to take this into consideration. It is possible that it will affect your ability to file. 

The defending side will almost certainly rely upon the sign as being enough evidence to show the premises was responsible; therefore not liable for the slip and fall. Whereas, a good slip and fall lawyer might argue that the sign was not a sufficient warning because it was not visible, unreadable, or not the standard “yellow” sign. 

Was A Warning Sign Present At the Time of Your Slip and Fall? If so, Call a Law Firm Now