Reasons A Personal Injury Case Could Be Rejected

Most personal injury lawyers offer free consultations. Not all cases that are brought to a law office will be taken on. Lawyers have a few motivations to decline to take your case. Even if you have a feeling that you may have a case on your hands, all cases should not be sought after and can prompt unnecessary pressure than help at a troublesome time. A good personal injury lawyer can investigate the information you give them and choose whether or not taking on your case will be worthwhile. Sometimes lawyers can be incorrect, but they usually are experienced enough to know whether or not a case is worth pursuing. There are several reasons an attorney may decline taking you on as a client. 

They Believe You Are Faking or Exaggerating Injuries
A lawyer may not take your case because he or she thinks you are not being genuine. If an attorney thinks you are fabricating injuries to get compensation, they will likely deny taking you on as a client. Even if you have just minor wounds that should be able to heal quickly with little to no work, an attorney may think your case is a waste of time. 

The Statute of Limitations Is Too Tight
If your legal time limit for filing a case is almost up, an attorney may deny taking you on as a client. Each state has a list of restrictions for when a personal injury guarantee can be documented. If you are coming up to your cutoff time, there may not be sufficient time for a lawyer to take on your case and settle, and conceivably make it significantly harder to win.

There Is No One to Blame
A lawyer will likely turn down your case if there isn’t a clear person or company to blame. In the event that a lawyer doesn’t have the foggiest idea who is to blame, who will be served? Who will pay for your clinical costs? In the event that there is no unmistakable obligation, you have nobody to document a case against.

Too Little Evidence
If there are an excessive number of subtleties, you may not have a case. A few things are simply not worth the trouble. In the event that there are too many possibilities, there is an excessive amount of space for the blunder and a lot of work in vain. There may also not be enough evidence to make your case worth their time. 

It Was Your Fault
You are to blame, so do not have a case. In the event that a lawyer feels the monetary pay will merit the time put into the case because of the way that you are incompletely to blame and will probably get practically nothing, they may deny you as a client.

Other Attorneys Have Declined
Different lawyers have declined your case, so it does not appear to be a compelling one. In the event that you concede that you have addressed other lawyers and were turned down, the lawyer may ponder that despite the fact that the individual in question can take your case. For what reason did other encountered lawyers say “no?” This may be reason enough to deny taking you on as a client. 

Contact an Attorney
There are a few reasons a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer in Atlanta, GA from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., may deny your case. The best way to know is by talking with one promptly so that you understand what the following stages might look like for you.