Paying Your Medical Bills After a Car Accident

When injured in a car accident, the first concern is likely how you will pay for treatment. Depending on the extent of the injuries, rehabilitation and surgeries can be in the thousands of dollars before you are fully healed. Therefore, until your settlement check comes in, there are at least seven ways to get the treatment you need.

1. Personal Injury Protection

Check your auto insurance policy. Some insurers offer personal injury protection. While PIP coverage will not pay for everything in some cases, it does go a long way toward making you financially whole.

2. Private Health Insurance

If you do not have PIP coverage or if the coverage is not enough for all your expenses, you can contact your private health insurer and ask about coverage. Most companies will allow you to get the medical assistance you need, but they will also expect to be refunded those expenses should you get a settlement.

3. Personal Loan

If you have excellent credit, you can apply for a personal loan. Not everyone wants to take out a loan to cover medical costs because of the additional interests, but for the right patient, a loan may be just what they need.

4. Medicare or Medicaid

If you receive government protection through a Medicare or Medicaid plan, then you have nothing to worry about. Both policies will cover you after a car accident. However, if you have PIP insurance, then you are required to use those funds first.

5. Savings

Do you have a healthy savings account? If so, you may consider using some money to pay for your treatment, especially if your settlement claim looks promising. However, using your own money is a risk, so weigh the options with your attorney or financial planner.

6. Family or Friends

Some accident victims have family or friends that are well-off financially and may be willing to loan or give them the money. Reach out to people you know to see if they are open to helping you out in the short term.

7. Attorney Lien

If none of the options listed are available to you, then consider an attorney lien. For promising claims, your attorney may be willing to talk to your health care provider about the potential of a settlement and work out a guaranteed payment at a later date.

Do you know how much treatment will cost you after your accident? Do you need help to find financial and legal solutions? Contact an attorney, like a car accident attorney in Scottsdale, AZ from Yearin Law Office, for advice.