Guidelines for Social Media During Litigation

Social media is a worldwide phenomenon. Unfortunately, using it can be problematic when filing a lawsuit. Here is a brief set of guidelines worth observing if you’re launching litigation. Failure to follow these ground rules could make winning your case more difficult.

Set Your Accounts to Private

The lower the number of people who can read your thoughts, the better off you’ll be. Review settings and hide accounts from those you don’t know in real life. Facebook allows users to specifically prevent certain individuals from viewing posts. Further, you can tell the platform to exclude you from being recognized by search engines. Make it impossible for others to post on your timeline or tag you on theirs. It is also recommended that you either limit who can access your contact information, or delete it entirely. 

Say Nothing About Your Case

Refrain from mentioning anything related to your suit online. Thoughts you share regarding the situation could be used against you. Imagine getting into a car wreck and then divulging on the web that it might have been your fault. A defense attorney could use that comment to dismiss your argument, even if you later discover proof that the other driver is entirely to blame. Prevent comments from working against you by saying nothing.

Limit Your Private Messaging

Even though private messages are between individuals, your words can still come back to bite you. There is the possibility that your confidential discussion will be leaked, as well as a chance that a judge will order you to provide access to your social media. Be discrete. Even innocent remarks can cause trouble.

Avoid Your Social Media

Abstaining from social media entirely is the only surefire tactic. During your break, you might realize that you’re happier without it. People can become addicted to these platforms without realizing it. Test yourself by gauging how you feel absent constant thumbs-ups and reshares. Turn the situation into an exercise in self-discovery.

Consult Your Attorney

It may be impossible to completely cut social media out of your life. Some businesses depend upon the publicity that online interaction provides. If you must engage with others on public forums, consult a lawyer first. A qualified attorney should be able to deliver guidance regarding methods of doing so without jeopardizing your case. 

When you’re entangled in litigation, online activity can work to your disadvantage. Contact a personal injury lawyer or another type of specialized attorney, and inquire about this critical matter prior to filing a lawsuit. Call Greenspan & Greenspan P.C. today at (914) 827-5500.¬†