Worker’s Compensation – Baltimore, MD Area

Worker’s Compensation Attorney Baltimore

Are you in need of a worker’s compensation lawyer because you were injured or fell ill as the direct result of your work? If your answer is yes, remember that you have legal rights and may be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits – here in Maryland’s “Charm City”. You should immediately file a complaint with your employer and file a worker’s compensation claim, and then contact a workers compensation attorney to discuss your case.

Each year in Baltimore, Maryland, thousands of people file for workers compensation. As a result, millions of dollars are paid out to injured workers every year by Americans. Overexertion, exhaustion, falling, and slipping or tripping, as well as violence in the workplace, are all causes of injuries that people may sustain while at work. According to the Centers of Disease Control, common injuries people receive at work are burns, cuts, sprains, bruises, and fractures. Some workers sustain occupational diseases, such as carpal tunnel syndrome asbestosis, black lung, lead poisoning, or radiation sickness, as a result of many years of working under certain conditions or with certain materials. These workers may also be eligible for workers compensation benefits.

Workplace injuries can cause serious financial hardship for some people. Filing a workers compensation and seeking advice from a workers compensation lawyer can help cover the costs of medical expenses incurred during the healing period.  Workers compensation laws vary from state to state, but generally, expenses for surgery, hospital and nursing services, medication, and travel for follow up doctor’s appointments can be covered under workers compensation. Sometimes it is even possible for injured employees to obtain payment for any future medical expenses for treatment of an injury sustained on-the-job; these future payments can sometimes be made for the duration of the injured workers life.

If you’re injured so severely that you are permanently disabled from working or you are limited in the work that you are able to do workers compensation attorneys can help you secure payment of disability benefits. The amount of disability compensation received usually depends on the injured employee’s gross, or pre-tax, earnings prior to being injured. Additional disability compensation may be available for a worker that has sustained a permanent injury. In the event that death results, a workers surviving spouse and dependents might be entitled to receive the benefits that otherwise would have gone to the worker.

Not everyone injured at work is entitled to workers compensation benefits, and some people can be entitled to more than just workers compensation benefits. If you are injured or disabled as the result of a work accident, it is important to seek counsel from a workers compensation lawyer right away to see exactly what you’re entitled to. Our workers compensation attorneys fully understand your concerns and realize how important it can be to receive compensation for your injuries. Our workers compensation attorneys have experience handling multiple types of workers compensation claims and will help you figure out what you are entitled to. We will work fight to win you the compensation you need and deserve!