DUI Charges

Being stopped by any form of law enforcement can really be a scary situation for most people. Even those that have been stopped by law enforcement before may be startled to be stopped again. You just never know what the outcome of a police interaction would be, even if you know you are being stopped for something as simple as speeding. The situation can end up being worse than it already is if you were to get arrested after being pulled over by law enforcement. When you are having an encounter with law enforcement, or eventually get arrested by law enforcement, it is important that you follow a patent set of steps to ensure that if you are arrested everything is handled as swiftly and safely as possible. If you have been driving under the influence and have been arrested for it, then you will have a crazy amount of issues to deal with and it’s imperative that you are able to defend yourself the best that you possibly could at this point in time. It’s strongly anticipated that inside in your brain are like a million questions and concerns running around, so best believe that it is extremely imperative that you follow these upcoming steps after being arrested for driving under the influence (also known as a DUI).

The offender usually takes a chemical test after being taken down to a county jail and have been arrested for a DUI. If you feel as if you succeeded the chemical test or don’t have the confidence that you did passed after being stopped by any form of law enforcement, the amount of blood alcohol in your system can make a huge difference for your case. If you decide to decline taking the blood alcohol level test, then you are digging your hole deeper for trying to build the best defense that you possibly could have. 

Every single piece of information can either help or hurt you due to how hard a DUI case can be. It’s extremely necessary that you get in contact with a criminal defense attorney that is highly trained in DUI cases in your area as soon as things have calmed down for you in the jail house. Contact a criminal defense attorney, like from The Lynch Law Group, to discuss what options you have as soon as possible. The sooner, the better, and criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations so ask all the questions you want.