Questions to Ask Your Medical Provider when Seeking Treatment for a Personal Injury

One of the most critical things you should do after you were injured is to seek medical treatment from a licensed physician immediately. However, when you are at the doctor’s office, it is useful to know what questions to ask and how the treatment can help you get better. You may also benefit from understanding how the physician’s records will support your personal injury case.

Today we will discuss some important questions to ask your doctor that are specific to a personal injury case. You’ll want to discuss these with your medical provider both before and during the time you receive medical treatment. 

Questions to Ask Your Doctor After an Accident

1. What is your medical specialty, and do you have experience providing medical treatment for people who have accident-related injuries?

Just as different lawyers practice different types of law, doctors have different specialties. Some medical specialists may provide more substantial support for your personal injury case. For example, if your foot was injured in a slip and fall incident, it would be appropriate to seek medical care from an orthopedic doctor, a sports medicine doctor, or a foot and ankle physician. Who you seek treatment from will depend on your specific injury.

2. Do you participate with my health insurance provider? 

If you have health insurance, then it may be in your best interest to have your doctor bill your health insurance carrier. At the close of your personal injury case, this may make attempts at reducing your expenses more manageable. 

3. How often do I need treatment for my injury? Should I tell my doctor about how my pain and injury affect my daily life?

You should seek medical treatment from your medical provider(s) as often as they recommend and as long as you are benefiting from treatment. Additionally, point out to your doctor what your injuries are and where you are experiencing pain. This helps your physician to document your injuries properly. By documenting the problems, you are supporting your personal injury case. A personal injury attorney can use the medical records documenting your pain and injury to attempt to recover the most favorable amount of financial compensation.

4. Should I seek treatment from other medical professionals or diagnostic centers for my personal injury case? If so, what type of treatment can I expect?

Depending on your injury, you should see a specific doctor. If you have pain, seeking the services of a pain management doctor may be appropriate. If something needs to be fixed, you may need a surgeon. You should take advantage of whatever medical specialty addresses your injury. Just make sure you have all the medical professionals that treat you provide accurate and thorough medical documentation, so that it can be used as evidence in your personal injury case.

5. Why do I need “diagnostic tests” and what role do they play in my accident case?

Diagnostic tests are medical procedures that confirm or determine the presence of injury or illness in an individual. If your doctor refers you for diagnostic testing, be sure to comply. He or she will use the test results to have a better understanding of your injury. This helps to confirm your need for medical treatment.

Lastly, all the medical documentation you receive may not be sufficient if you don’t hire an attorney to represent you. Personal injury lawyers, like a personal injury lawyer,will fight for your rights and best interests. Contact a lawyer to discuss your case today.