What To Expect When You Are Going Through a Divorce

What To Expect When You Are Going Through a Divorce

When you are preparing to go through a divorce or are just thinking about starting the process, you want to make sure you start by answering the important questions. You will want to know if getting a divorce or separating from your spouse is the right thing to do for you and your family, how expensive this process is, and what it will look like if you and your spouse have children. Divorcing is not simple, even if it is amicable. This is why you may want to speak with a lawyer, like a Rockville, Maryland divorce lawyer from a law firm like The Law Office of Daniel J. Wright to find the best way to get started with your divorce.  

What To Expect When You Are Going Through a Divorce

Why try divorce mediation? 

Even if you and your spouse are not argumentative, going through the mediation process can be extremely useful because it can help make each spouse is getting their fair share out of the divorce process. During mediation, a third party will come in and begin examining the different issues brought up in your divorce. They will help guide you and your spouse through the decision-making process but they are unable to make any decisions for you. This is a good idea, especially if you are concerned that your spouse will try to take more than they deserve or simply to make sure a neutral party can help guide you both. 

I’m interested in changing my child’s surname. Can I do this? 

This is certainly a possibility and it is something you will want to put in the divorce petition. The father will need to give permission or waive his rights when it comes to changing your child’s name. Women who took their husband’s last name when they got married can also make a petition to have their last name changed, given that they are not doing so to avoid taxes or other financial responsibility. 

Is it possible to file for divorce jointly? 

It is possible depending on the state you are living in and this is known as a “joint petition for divorce.” If both parties would prefer to file for divorce together, they can do so. When taking this route, neither spouse is pointing the finger at the other spouse for their marriage ending. Instead, they are proceeding in a manner that both parties are saying no one is at fault and they both agree to the terms in this divorce. 

Getting help from a local attorney may be the best course of action when going through your divorce.