What To Discuss With A Personal Injury Lawyer 

What To Discuss With A Personal Injury Lawyer - Personal injury law on a desk and gavel.

Personal Injury Lawyer

There are a number of things that you will want to talk to a trusted lawyer about if you are looking to file a personal injury claim. When you have suffered injuries and losses from a personal injury scenario, knowing what to do can help you avoid mistakes and ensure that you can receive the full settlement that you deserve. You should not have to pay for the expenses if you did not cause the accident. If you are having a consultation with a lawyer, here are several key topics to discuss. 


When you are describing your accident experience to the lawyer, be sure you are giving accurate details. Be as descriptive as possible so that the lawyer will be able to have as much information as they can to begin working on your case. They will need all of the names of the witnesses that were there, what happened right before the accident, and who was involved. Do not fabricate any part of your statement because you can suffer legal consequences. 

Evidence collection

The collection of evidence will take some time for a personal injury case. If you have limited evidence to go by, you may be wondering if there is even anything that can be done for a personal injury case. However, you can count on a qualified and skilled lawyer to work on your case diligently and determine ways to collect the evidence that you need. Have them review all the evidence so that they can come up with a legal strategy for your case. 


Calculating damages can be a tricky process. You could be entitled to a number of economic and noneconomic damages. A lawyer can explain to you in detail what exactly these damages are because they vary from case to case. The more subjective damages like pain and suffering can be challenging to prove as well. 

Legal rights

The average person usually does not know a lot about their legal rights. If you are unsure of what your basic rights are, you can rely on a lawyer to explain them to you. A skilled and experienced lawyer can give you a breakdown of your legal rights and the laws applicable to your personal injury case. This is important because you want to have a basic understanding of your case and how the lawyer will try to resolve it.

Statute of limitations 

As a trusted Deltona, FL personal injury lawyer like one at Presser Law can explain, the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is typically two or three years. This means that you do not have much time to file a claim. It takes a while to put together a case and do the necessary steps to build your argument. As soon as you have been in an accident, it is important to find out if you are able to proceed with the claim so that you can take action right away. 

For more information, set up a consultation with a lawyer clients trust to learn about filing a personal injury claim.