Simple Steps to Take in the Aftermath of a Car Accident

Car crashes happen at alarming rates daily. Even minor fender benders may cause more damage than first thought, to both the vehicles and people involved. When the accident is someone else’s fault, you want to take great care in getting all the information you can from the scene. Read through these basic tips and either commit them to memory or print them out to lead in your car. You never know when you will need to follow them.

Get Witness Information

There are almost always bystanders at every accident scene. Some may have stopped as they passed the aftermath, while others may have witnessed the crash. You want to get the names and numbers of those who witnessed the collision. Their account of what they saw may become crucial if you and the other driver’s recounting of the events are contradictory. Even passengers in the vehicles will not hold the kind of weight that an unbiased, unknown, third-party witness does. Do what you can to get their contact information so you can contact them later.

Take Photographs or Videos

You want to get as much visual evidence of the scene and vehicles as you can. This means taking a few minutes to walk through and take photos. It is especially important to get photos of the cars as they come to rest immediately following the crash. In some cases, it may not be safe to take pictures of this because of the road conditions and safety issues. However, you should try to at least snap a couple of quick photos before moving the vehicles out of the way.

Document the Other Driver’s Information

You should always get the other driver’s name, address, phone number and insurance information. Taking a photograph of a license and insurance card is helpful in that there will be no mistake that you wrote things down wrong. The police may perform this information swap for you if there is contention between you and the other driver.

Get a Comprehensive Medical Exam

Regardless of how you feel, you should get a complete physical exam within a few hours of the accident. You may have been injured and do not know it yet. Soft tissue damage may become worse if it is undiagnosed. Things like internal bleeding and brain trauma may not be visible. Only a medical exam may catch them in the early stages before they cause irreversible damage.

Taking a few simple steps after an accident may help you recover quicker, both physically and financially. You should contact a lawyer, like an injury compensation lawyer, from our friends at  Franks, Koenig & Neuwelt may help get it sorted out.