Sexual Assault Charges

Has aggravated sexual battery ever been a crime that you have been charged with? If your answer is yes, then this could mean you may have also had a problem with differentiating sexual battery and aggravated sexual battery? Or, have you ever wondered why might a sexual battery charge be raised to an aggravated sexual assault? These two charges can be very confusing. Thankfully, there are good attorneys, like a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA from The Lynch Law Group, who can help you understand the consequences for the charges that would be held against you.

Experienced lawyers understand the negative meaning to the public eye that having a sex crime comes with and the consequences that follow. They also understand how people can be hesitant to believe that a person might have been wrongfully convicted of a sex crime because of the bad reputation that the crime brings.

If you’ve been charged with a sex crime its extremely important that you hire a professional attorney so that they can defend you the best way possible. He or she will first go through how the offenses of sexual battery and aggravated sexual battery differentiate.

Sexual Battery Under Law

 According to Georgia law, for example, any person that commits a sex crime when they willfully make physical contact with the intimate parts of someone else’s body without their permission is committing sexual battery. The genital area, anus, groin, inner thighs, or buttocks of a male or female and the breast of a female all make up what is known as the “intimate parts.”

Penalty for Sexual Battery  

A person can be punished with a misdemeanor of high aggravated nature if they happen to be convicted of a sexual battery crime. If a person is convicted of a sexual battery crime for doing anything with a child that is under the age of sixteen years old, then they will spend more than one, but less than five years in prison. They will definitely spend between one to five years in prison if they come upon a second conviction and will be responsible for a felon.

Sexual charges at any capacity carry a heavy stigma and can follow you for the rest of your life, especially if you do not have a criminal defense attorney in your corner to walk you along the way during your battle with these charges. You should speak with a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible if you have been accused of sexual assault.