Negligent Security at Apartments

There are millions of families and individuals who depend on apartment buildings for their residential needs. Apartment complexes offer an array of benefits for their residents — usually at a lower cost than owning your own property or home. In apartment complexes, there may be utilities included in your overall monthly rate, amenities such as pools and gyms, and even security gates. One of the main benefits of living in an apartment building is knowing that when there is something wrong, there is usually someone to fix it or take responsibility. The same thing goes if there are any injuries or wrongful deaths that occur at an apartment complex; someone must be held responsible. 

Property Owners’ Obligations 

Property owners have a legal obligation to provide their tenants and guests with safety and when they fail to do this properly, they can be found liable for any injuries or harm sustained. You may be more familiar with a property taking responsibility for instances that occur on their property at public places like grocery stores, such as a slip and fall case; the same thing applies for apartment complexes. A property owner has a duty of care to uphold and ensure that those who come onto their property can easily avoid harm. 

Beyond this, there is a thing called “negligent security,” should something happen on the property, such as a crime. In the event that you or someone you know has been a victim of a crime on the property of your, or anyone else’s’ property, there is a chance that you can seek compensation for any damages.

Preventing Crime

The property owner or manager is supposed to take any measure possible to prevent foreseeable 

crime. This includes providing security, or having security footage coverage on the property. This may include having cameras, additional locks on the doors, a limited key access for staff, a security system, and many other things. Not only do these additional features make individuals feel safer, they also assist in finding those responsible for crimes. When a property owner makes sure they do these things, it is a way to avoid a negligent security claim. This means, a crime may occur, but the property management has done everything they could do to prevent it, so should anything happen, they can assist in the investigation based on the measures they took. 

Some events cannot be predicted ahead of time; however, a property owner must ensure they do their part to avoid it. Should you or someone be a victim of some form of negligent security at your apartment complex, speak with a personal injury attorney, like a personal injury attorney in Atlanta, GA, as soon as possible to see what options you have. 

Thanks to the law office of Andrew R. Lynch for their insight into the obligations of property owners to keep their premises safe for everyone who comes on it.