Law Firms and Cybersecurity

Technology has enabled law firms and other businesses to serve their clients and run their businesses in ways not imaginable even 20 years ago. The systems that we use are also vulnerable to hacking and attacks from outside companies’ systems, though. One of the most important priorities that firms must address is cybersecurity. The following are some tips that all companies can use to help protect their systems.

Change Passwords Frequently
It is critical for companies to change passwords for all the systems they use – emails, client files, websites, etc. This layer of security may seem simple, but it is the first place that many hackers try to break through. It is also critical that the passwords that you use are not easy for someone to figure out. For example, using your birthday, children’s names, or other personal or company-connected words that a hacker can figure out could be disastrous if your systems are broken into.

Use Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication involves using both a password and a PIN or other verification code in order to access a system. Think of it as using a lock and a deadbolt that have to be opened before you can “enter.” This makes it twice as hard for a hacker since they will need to crack both codes within a minute or so in order to break in.

Daily Backups
Another critical step to cybersecurity is to back up company information that is on systems every day. This can be done either in the morning or at the end of business day. By backing up daily, you’re assured that if your system is hacked and information is lost, it will only be hours-worth of information and not days, weeks, or months, which would be devastating to any company.

Encrypted Information
When information on a system is encrypted, it means that only certain people have the means to access that information. If your company already has a two-factor authentication requirement in place, encryption will provide a third layer of protection.

Retain the Services of a Trusted Court Reporting Company
Not only is it critical to hire a certified court reporting agency, like a court reporting agency that provides the highest-level of quality, you also want a company that makes cybersecurity a priority. One of the most convenient services a court reporting provides is repositories where clients can access depositions and other documents. However, if the company isn’t taking all the necessary steps to protect these documents, it can mean disaster for their clients if their systems are hacked.

A good court reporting company will be dedicated to offering our clients top-notch court reporting services, transcription services, video technology, and implementing the best cybersecurity systems available to ensure their clients are protected.