How Do I Find a Doctor After a Shooting at an Apartment?

Injuries caused by shootings are a growing problem. While a civil suit can be brought against the shooter, no shooter is insured for the consequences of criminal behavior. Collecting compensation from a criminal who shoots a crime victim can be challenging.

When an apartment building owner could have prevented the shooting by providing and maintaining security locked doors and adequate lighting, insurance will often cover an injury victim’s losses. A security negligence lawyer can help the injury victim recover compensation.

The first step in obtaining compensation is to assure that medical records adequately document the injury and its impact on the victim. Shooting victims should therefore obtain immediate treatment and follow a doctor’s advice regarding injury rehabilitation.

Finding an Emergency Doctor After a Georgia Apartment Shooting

Shootings usually result in a 911 call. When dispatchers learn that a victim has been injured, they usually send an ambulance and paramedics.

If a paramedic advises the victim to obtain emergency care, the shooting victim should follow that advice. Emergency care can prevent deadly infections. An ER doctor can determine whether organ damage or internal bleeding poses an immediate threat to the victim’s life. An emergency physician can also decide whether the bullet should be removed if it is still in the victim’s body.

Emergency care facilities in are required to treat everyone who has a serious injury, whether or not the patient has health insurance. A hospital can discharge an uninsured patient without further treatment after the injury is stabilized, but obtaining an evaluation and emergency treatment is vital when a shooting wound is serious.

Using Insurance to Find a Doctor After an Apartment Shooting

Shooting victims should obtain recommended medical care after leaving the Emergency Room. If paramedics do not believe emergency care is required, the victim should visit his or her own doctor to obtain treatment for shooting injuries.

Shooting victims who have health insurance but no doctor should ask their insurance company for a referral to a treating physician. Most insurance plans are associated with a group of doctors who have contracted to treat insured patients.

Shooting victims whose health insurance plans will cover any physician can ask friends and family members for a recommendation. An internet search may also help victims identify a doctor who has experience treating gunshot wounds. A treating physician can generally recommend surgeons, physical therapists, and other specialists who may need to provide additional treatment.

Using Other Sources to Find a Doctor After an Apartment Shooting

Shooting victims who have reached the age of 65 can obtain treatment by a doctor who accepts Medicare. Seniors can apply for Medicare at the age of 65 even if they have not yet elected to receive Social Security benefits.

Medicaid may also available to certain low-income residents, including minors and disabled residents. A local office of the Division of Family and Children Services can help shooting victims determine whether they qualify for medical assistance through Medicare.

Veterans may qualify for treatment through the Veterans Administration. Members of the National Guard might have insurance benefits from TRICARE.

Ask a Personal Injury Lawyer to Recommend a Doctor After an Apartment Shooting

Your crime victim attorney can help you pursue a claim for compensation. Your attorney can also help you in other ways. Your attorney has worked with doctors in the past and may be able to recommend one who not only has a reputation for excellence, but is not shy about testifying in court.

If you have no insurance, a doctor might be willing to treat you in exchange for an agreement to be paid from your injury settlement. Your personal injury lawyer can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of signing a deferred payment agreement.