Drunk driving seems to be the major problem of most auto accidents, the effect that alcohol has on driving, and the serious injuries and consequences which can result from an auto accident related to alcohol intoxication for everyone involved.

For years back, drunk driving has been a frequent issue at the vanguard of the media. Drunk driving causes auto accidents and untimely deaths because alcohol harms someone’s ability to operate a car safely. As for every intake of alcohol into our system, there are negative impacts that it has on the body’s ability. It makes the body reflexes slow; it is simply an agent that reduces a functional bodily activity. It affects the respiratory tract; that is, the breathing rate differs from the normal breathing rate. Alcohol also has an impact on the body’s vision, which makes it very difficult to see while driving. Alcohol intake has a more negative effect, which will make it difficult to drive safely.

Auto accident injuries will occur after the incidence of drunk driving. While the car crash operates on the risk of leading to injuries, those who take excess alcohol carry people along with them, which is an even greater risk of injury. A drunk driver is likely to fall asleep while driving, which makes it even hard for them to detect brakes before an accident occurs. This means that accidents majorly occur at higher speeds, resulting in likely fatal personal injuries. In the process, if the person’s head strikes the stirring wheel or dashboard of the car that will result in brain injury., which can even be a permanent injured, they’ll make then difficult to talk walk, or work and can even affect one’s ability to move. Another serious auto accident could include a Cardiac confusion which takes comes when the chest makes an impact with the inner part of the car, therefore resulting in fractures and damage to one’s heart. As for those drunk drivers who forget to put on their seat belt, they could bounce from the car resulting in serious injuries.

Consequences of drunk driving

There are consequences for drunk driving sentiments. In the case of drinking while driving, such people run the risk of undergoing serious legal consequences as a result. The punishment for an auto accident normally points to the driver’s license and escalating insurance rates; a drunk driver could end up losing their driver’s license. Therefore making it difficult to drive to work or even go anywhere. If a drunk driver causes an auto accident that leads to serious injuries, the drunk driver could be forced to pay all medical bills of the injured person. Also, a person who has caused repeated car accidents due to drunk driving could have to serve prison terms as a result. These are revealing penalties that are not worth the risk of drunk driving.

People who have been involved in an auto accident relating to drunk driving normally have several legal issues to face. The appropriate limit for blood alcohol concentration is 0.8; any levels above this makeup drunk driving. The legal limit for a driver under 21 is 0.00 because those under 21 years of age are not allowed to consume alcohol. Following the legal system, after an accident involving drunk driving, can be very challenging, but hiring an attorney can help file paperwork related to such issues.

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