Do Civil Rights Protect Against Discrimination?

There are multiple laws that are designed specifically to protect people from discrimination. There are many forms of discrimination, such as mistreatment in the workplace, refusal of service, or police overstepping. It is part of your civil rights to be treated equally, no matter your circumstances. When you’ve been the victim of discrimination in any form, you want to seek counsel from an experienced civil rights lawyer in Washington, DC, like from Eric Siegel Law, who knows the law and can offer legal advice and discuss whether or not you have a strong case.

Protected Classes from Discrimination

As a member of society, you are granted civil rights that include being treated equally. This means that discrimination is not only wrong, but illegal. There are particular classes down in the law that are protected from discrimination. This means that you are protected from:

  • Discrimination for age
  • Discrimination for gender
  • Discrimination for religion
  • Discrimination for race
  • Discrimination for national origin
  • Discrimination for color
  • Discrimination for disability
  • Discrimination for sexual orientation
  • Discrimination for genetic history
  • And more…

These classes are all protected and cannot be used against you for any reason. Unfortunately, people are still discriminated against regularly, but a civil rights lawyer may be able to help you make things right.

Building a Case for Discrimination

Cases for discrimination can be difficult to prove, so it is important to start building your case as soon as you suspect discrimination. The first thing to do will be to gather evidence as proof for your case. Evidence could include emails, texts, videos, audio clips, letters, etc. Your case can also benefit from credible witnesses who can corroborate your story. A lawyer can be a good resource when it comes to building a case and collecting evidence, because they can contact people for you as well as suggest types of evidence to look for. 

Talk with a Civil Discrimination Lawyer

Whatever the circumstances of your discrimination and having you civil rights violated, you may benefit from having an experienced civil discrimination lawyer on your side. A lawyer can work for you by providing legal guidance, collecting evidence, representing you in court, and explaining your legal options. Going through a legal case can be a complex process, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Contact a law firm today to discuss the details of your case with a lawyer.