Benefits of Hiring a Child Support Attorney

One of the most hotly contested aspects of a divorce is paying child support. Although it would be wonderful if two parents could agree on child support and pay it on time, one person may have to chase down the other spouse to get child support. Your child is entitled to child support. Here are four reasons you should consider hiring a lawyer to handle this transaction.

Do You Know the Rules in Your State?

Family law is a complex beast. If you don’t file the right paperwork on the right deadlines, you could miss out on child support payments. Your lawyer is an advocate who can help you through the process without missing details. Even if you aren’t going through a divorce, your child still deserves to get support from the other parent.

File the Right Paperwork

Every state has its own rules about child support. Filing the right documents to make sure that your child is getting what is due isn’t always easy. A child support lawyer specializes in family law, to make sure that your court documents follow protocol and are timely. Your lawyer usually has software that makes the paperwork a little easier. In addition, your lawyer understands how to properly serve your ex and document financial information required to calculate child support.

Help You Enforce a Child Support Order 

Once you get a child support order, it doesn’t follow that the person will automatically pay. Your lawyer can help you get the child support if the ex skips out or changes jobs. Your lawyer can respond quickly when changes occur to make sure that your child gets their monthly income.

Do You Have to Go to Court?

Child support is often collected through a state agency that calculates and monitors payment. In getting the order, you may have to appear before a judge, but it depends on the process in your state. Your lawyer can help you understand your legal needs and represent you in court. Your child support lawyer can also deal with the other party, eliminating some stress. Because your attorney doesn’t have any emotions tied up with the other parent, they can negotiate from a position of strength to get your child what is deserved.