What You May Not Know About Truck Drivers

When you see a truck driver on the road, you may just assume that he or she enjoys driving long distances, but there’s more to truck driving than meets the eye. If you are involved in an accident with a truck driver, you may wonder if he or she is competent enough to be on the road. While it’s a valid concern, rest assured truck drivers go through rigorous training before they are allowed behind the wheel. The following are some things you may not know about truck drivers.

Drivers Go to Training School

Truck drivers don’t just get hired and they’re ready to go. They are required to complete a truck driver training school. At school, they are taught the skills and techniques required to be safe and efficient while on the job.

There are additional resources available, and many take advantage of those as well. They may take a course or watch a training video on hooking up to a trailer, driving during winter, floating gears, backing up and completing a pre-trip inspection. They may also complete a course in right-hand turns, avoiding skids, using spinner knob and accident prevention.

Some Drivers Make Their Own Schedule

Depending on the company for which a driver works, he or she may be able to choose a driving schedule. Many begin first thing in the morning and drive until dark. Others sleep all day and drive through the night. While they have requirements and limitations on how many hours they can drive per day, they are allowed to choose when to take breaks, which are also required for a certain period of time.

Many Drivers Are Compensated By Mile

There are some truck drivers who are paid by the hour, though most are paid by the mile. For some driving companies, drivers are required nearly 500 miles per day, totaling 125,000 each year. Some drivers know their pay in advance, while others don’t know what their take-home pay will be until the year is over.

Driving a Truck Can Be Comfortable

It may seem uncomfortable to sit and drive all day, but many trucks are made quite comfortably. They also often have beds and refrigerators in the back where drivers can relax during a break. Some drivers are given an allowance for hotel stays so they can get out of the truck once in a while to enjoy their break before heading back.

What to Do in Case of an Accident

Though drivers go to training school, accidents still happen. If you are involved in a truck driving accident, you’ll want the assistance of an attorney. Contact an auto accident lawyer, like an auto accident lawyer in Des Moines, IA, to learn more.

Thanks to Johnston Martineau, LLP for their insight into some of the things you may not know about truck drivers.