Slip and Fall Accidents and Head Trauma

When someone takes a slip and fall, they can suffer from many different types of injuries, ranging from broken bones to strained muscles, head trauma, and more. In particular, head trauma is one of the more serious injuries that require immediate medical attention. The treatment for head injuries can be expensive, and depending on the severity of the damage, a person may have to deal with problems they hadn’t had before the incident.

If you or someone you love had a slip and fall accident when another party was partially responsible for it happening, then you may want to speak with a personal injury attorney in Minneapolis, MN about seeking compensation. 

Examples of Slip and Fall Situations
There are so many ways that a slip and fall accident can occur. And when most people fall, they put their arms out to brace themselves, which can prevent their head from getting hit on the ground. However, if someone tumbles backward in or a twisted way, their head may sustain most of the impact from that fall. Head injuries can range greatly in severity, from minor concussions to life-threatening brain swelling.

Examples of slip and fall accident situation include:

  • Slipping on a puddle in the workplace and falling right onto your back, in which the head hits the ground abruptly
  • Tripping on a sidewalk path that is raised, and then as you fall your head hits a nearby object
  • Falling in someone’s home, and your head hits furniture, a counter, table, etc.
  • Stepping on a product that fell onto the floor of a shopping store and then hitting your head on a shelf on the way down

During a fall, the head may endure a blow or jolt that causes a concussion. Concussions may or may not occur along with passing out. Even minor concussions can cause effects on the body, such as dizziness, an intense headache, ear ringing, and slurred speech. More severe cases of concussions can cause memory problems, sleep difficulties, odd behavior, and poor concentration. Despite many mild concussions being able to heal on their own with rest, it is still recommended that you see a doctor to ensure the injury isn’t actually more serious.

If the head sustains a blow during the fall, the brain and its outer blood vessels can get damaged. This may lead to a hematoma and blood clots that apply dangerous pressure on the brain tissues. If medical attention isn’t sought to relieve pressure from the hematoma, the individual may suffer from loss of brain function. Treatment may include surgery to get rid of the hematoma before it causes further damage. 

Closed Head Injury
A person can sustain a head injury even if there isn’t a visible wound on the skull. Closed head injuries include brain swelling, bruised brain tissue, and torn brain blood vessels. It is crucial that anyone who hits their head due to a slip and fall seeks medical attention right away, even if they don’t have a skull fracture. 

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