Any sport that comes with an adrenaline rush tends to coincide with a dangerous activity. Winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding and ice skating are all ones that come to mind. Particularly due to the limited availability to practice these skills year-round, the potential for injury is greatly increased. If you or a family member is injured at a ski lodge or mountain vacation, you need to call your personal injury attorney to find out if you may be compensated for your injuries.

These sports in general require skill, both to keep yourself safe and others on the slope. Due to the heightened chances of injury, there are stringent rules to be followed on a ski slope. These rules apply to both skiers and snowboarders, participants and those waiting their turn.  

To begin with, you must have the required safety gear, sized and worn properly, prior to attempting the slopes. If you are unsure if your equipment fits properly, ask one of the staffed attendants. You might also inquire into a few private lessons prior to going solo. Often, the oversight of an experienced person is invaluable. Only those that have practiced, and taught others have the skills to set you up for success. Preventing injury is the main goal and will hopefully avoid the need for a personal injury lawsuit.

Second, being aware of yourself and your surroundings is key. Make sure to stretch properly. Arrive hydrated and ready for success. Be on the lookout for others nearby you. Although you may be prepared for a black diamond, other skiers may not be. Similarly, even if you are in the process of learning on the bunny slope, look out for others that may be in your path. Again, if you are new to the sport, or are bringing children that are inexperienced, professional instruction is much advised. The teachers will not only teach skills, but also reinforce the need for safety and rules on the slopes to avoid injury.

Many ski resorts are protected from liability in the case of a ski accident. Unless there is reckless behavior on the part of the staff or owners, visitors are responsible for themselves. This makes recovery in a lawsuit that much harder, meaning compensation for your injury is less likely to occur. Participating in an activity that is inherently dangerous means there is a certain assumption of the risk. This means that an activity, such as skiing, has potential for injury regardless of the level of care of all involved. You are expected to be aware of the danger. By participating, you are acknowledging and accepting the risk.