Safety Tips Driving Alone

In this day and age driving has become second nature. We drive to get anywhere. This could be the mailbox in our apartment complex, our local grocery store, work, and many other places. We understand that driving poses risks to us because motor vehicle accidents are possible and driving can be very dangerous. We never go as far to think that driving alone is just as risky. Late night traffic early morning traffic is very dark and can be very dangerous, and law-enforcement is not always close enough to protect you. There are certain things that can assist in guaranteeing your safety when you’re driving alone. Such as:

Keeping the lights inside of your vehicle off. Other drivers as well as people on the side of the road can use this light inside your vehicle to gather information as far as you being alone or what may potentially be in your car. This makes you an easy target for those watching you.

This may be the most obvious but we cannot assume. Do not stop for people you do not know. There may be someone on the road with car trouble, lost, or simply needs help. Do not allow these people access to you or your car. Although they may seem innocent this is a way to avoid being a victim of any type of crime.

Your car may already have a navigation system but to ensure your safety it is OK to have a tracking system as well. In the event that you go missing, a tracking system will assist others in finding you and learning where you were last. Even if you loan your car to someone else a tracking system will help you monitor where your car is.

Do not be a creature of habit. It is normal for us to take the same route to go to the same destination. However we never know who’s watching us. Just as we have gotten familiar with a routine, others can do the same as well and this is how they can victimize you. If there are other routes to take, take them some time. You do not want to be predictable to a stranger.

It is also common for us to connect our phones up to the Bluetooth and play our own music. If you are driving at night it is smart to listen to local radio stations in the event there’s any criminal activity in the areas that you’re driving in.

This may not come as a surprise, but avoiding driving alone is safest option. We understand that you may not have a choice sometimes, however, this helps guarantee your safety. 

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Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury claims and safety tips for when driving alone.