Representing Yourself in Court

So you or someone you know has come into their run in with the law. This may come as a total shock to some individuals, and others may be prepared. Seeking legal representation is expected in criminal cases; however, in some cases an individual may decide to represent him or herself in court. Often people do not have a choice, but sometimes private counsel is too much money at such short notice, and other times individuals are simply equipped to represent themselves. No matter the reason you decide to represent yourself in court, this is not always the best option. There are situations that may not require an attorney, and other times where you just should not risk it and hiring a private attorney is your best option.

Usually, the cost of a private attorney is the reason someone decides to try to learn to the best of their ability how to represent him or herself in court. While this is a common reason, this is not the only reason. People choose self-representation for other reasons like:

  • This not being their first time dealing with the justice system, and their past experience with paid attorneys was too traumatic.
  • The outcome of their case may not change whether they plead guilty or not.
  • Their strong belief of systematic oppression and feeling as though no matter what, everyone in the government works with each other and for each other.
  • Being educated in the law already, and feeling confident that you understand the law enough.

These are just a few reasons why people may decide to represent themselves in court. It is important for individuals to understand that their case could be detrimental to their lives, and they should take it very seriously. If the criminal charges are severe, you should maybe speak with a criminal defense attorney, like a Decatur criminal lawyer, to see what legal options you have before you make a final decision. Having to deal with a traffic violation or other minor infractions may be fine to handle on your own. Minor infractions and traffic violations are usually punishable by fines, or community service, and will not land an individual in jail. In the event that you may be facing jail time at any point, speak with a skilled criminal defense attorney before making the final decision to represent yourself in court. Consultations are usually free, it will not hurt to get a little more insight.

Thanks to The Lynch Law Group for their insight into representing yourself in court for a criminal offense.