How to Hire a Lawyer in a Personal Injury Case

Getting into an accident can be a scary situation, but dealing with the legal fallout and events afterward can be even worse. If you’re paying for damages and injuries out of your own pocket, you may have no choice but to file a claim for compensation. Failing to do so could mean going into debt and losing hours of work wages. If you feel somewhat intimidated by the claims process, you’re not alone. It is easy to stumble through the legality of personal injury claims and make mistakes. Hiring a lawyer seems like an obvious solution, but where do you start? Here are tops tips for finding the right one.


How much a lawyer costs is always on everyone’s mind when the matter of attorneys comes up. The exact amount probably won’t be known until you make an appointment to discuss your case with one. Every client and claim is different. Some may require only a small amount of work while others become a full-time job for the lawyer. You can ask about fees immediately to get a better idea of total costs.


It might go without saying that experience is everything in the legal field. It doesn’t matter if your case is worth millions of dollars or if it seems fairly small and simple: experience is still key. Once you’ve settled on a few attorneys, check their history and backgrounds. See how many successful cases they’ve handled, and if they’ve represented many clients in court if you’re worried about going to trial.

Past Clients 

If all else fails, talk to an attorney’s previous clients to gauge their experience and professionalism. Past clients can give you a good idea of the lawyer’s knowledge and personality. You can find a good fit based on former reviews.

First Impressions 

If you’ve narrowed down the list of potential lawyers, make an initial appointment to talk to them about your case. Not only will you get a good sense of the aspects of your case and how it falls within state laws, but you’ll be able to judge how well you might get along with the lawyer. If you don’t think it’s a good fit, you shouldn’t pursue them. You’ll need to share all important details of the case with them, so don’t settle on a lawyer that makes you uncomfortable.

Taking these factors into consideration can help you choose the right lawyer, like a personal injury attorney, at the Morales Law Firm. Once that’s done, they can get to work on creating a successful claim.