How People Get in Motorcycle Accidents

When it comes to getting in accidents, one is not necessarily more likely to get into an accident because they are riding a motorcycle than they would be if they were driving in a car. However, the fatality rate and chance of severe injuries are much higher for people who ride a motorcycle. It is important for motorcyclists to understand what actions are likely to cause an accident and how to be safer when on the road. If you have been in a motorcycle accident and would like to file a personal injury claim against the negligent party, do not hesitate to contact an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer in St. Paul, MN, to see what he or she can do to help you with your claim. Your lawyer will want to help get you the compensation you deserve after such a bad accident. 

Common Types of Accidents
You may be wondering what some of the common ways a person can get into a motorcycle accident are. This article outlines the most common causes of motorcycle accidents so that you can try to avoid them. 

Reason #1: Left-Hand Turns
Making a left-hand turn is an innocent enough action. However, the problem does not arise when the motorcyclist is the one making a left-hand turn. Rather, when a car makes a left-hand turn, they may strike a motorcyclist. This usually happens when the motorcyclist is attempting to pass the car or is riding straight. While the car is usually at fault in this scenario, the motorcyclist should be careful not to attempt to overtake the car in the same lane when passing. This is particularly dangerous. 

Reason #2: Head-On Collisions
This is perhaps one of the most deadly types of accidents that a motorcyclist (or other driver) could be in. If a motorcyclist is riding down the road and another car veers into their lane and crashes into them, it is not often that a motorcyclist will be able to walk away from an accident like this. This is one of the deadliest types of accidents that a motorcyclist can be in, especially because they have very little protecting them on the road. 

Reason #3: Alcohol Use
This means alcohol use on the part of the motorcyclist or the other driver. Far too often, people get behind the wheel of their vehicle after having a drink and assume that they are fine enough to drive home. When a drunk driver in a car hits a motorcycle, the results can be deadly. Similarly, if a motorcyclist is drunk, they are at a far greater risk of running into something at a high speed and crashing. Motorcycle riders should always be vigilant about other drivers on the road and never ride after drinking. 

Contact an Attorney
For more information on how motorcyclists may get into an accident with a negligent party, please contact a lawyer today. 

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