How Long Do You Have to Go to a Doctor After a Motorcycle Accident Caused by a Dangerous Road?

Motorcycle riders sometimes seek out challenging roads for the thrill of controlling their bikes around hairpin curves and on steep inclines. Some of the country’s most dangerous roads also offer the most spectacular views.

But roads can be dangerous to motorcyclists for reasons that have nothing to do with the terrain. Potholes, broken pavement, adjacent lanes of different heights, improper drainage, ridges, and other road hazards can cause motorcycle riders to lose control of their bikes.

Road designs and poor signage can also make roads dangerous. Some roads are made from slick materials that interfere with traction. Stop signs and traffic signals are sometimes obstructed by branches. All of those problems make riding more treacherous for motorcyclists.

When a motorcycle crash is attributable to negligence in the design or maintenance of roads and traffic signs, the negligent government that is responsible for the road can be held accountable. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help motorcyclists understand whether they can make a claim for compensation after an accident caused by a dangerous road.

A lawyer, like a motorcycle accident lawyer, can also help crash victims understand the deadline for filing a lawsuit and the shorter deadline for filing a notice of claim against the government. Failing to meet those deadlines can make it impossible for the accident victim to recover compensation from the government for the victim’s injuries.

Time Limit to Visit a Doctor After a Motorcycle Accident Caused by a Dangerous Road

While important time limits govern legal filings in injury cases, the law imposes no time limit upon the decision to visit a doctor. Practical concerns nevertheless dictate prompt action.

Injury claims against the government begin with proof that the dangerous road caused a motorcycle rider’s injury. Visiting a doctor on the day of the accident provides evidence that the accident caused the injury.

If a motorcycle rider waits two weeks to see a doctor, the government’s claims manager will argue that the rider was probably injured in a second accident. The claims manager will argue that the rider would have seen a doctor immediately after the accident if that accident caused an injury.

It is significantly more difficult for a motorcycle accident lawyer to obtain fair value for accident injuries when treatment is delayed. Obtaining prompt treatment protects the opportunity to secure full compensation for motorcycle crash injuries.

Reasons to Visit a Doctor Promptly After a Motorcycle Accident Caused by a Dangerous Road

Seeing a doctor promptly also has health benefits. What might seem like a nagging minor injury, left untreated, could turn into a lasting impairment. Soft tissue injuries are particularly unpredictable. A torn muscle, ligament, or tendon can cause years of discomfort. Prompt treatment, often followed by physical therapy, can speed the healing of injuries that otherwise sap the joy out of life.

A prompt examination by a doctor can also reveal serious injuries. Internal bleeding and head injuries can be life-threatening. Every concussion requires an immediate examination by a skilled physician.

Following through on recommended health care is also important. Busy people skip medical appointments or fail to see the recommended specialists. Injury victims too often discontinue physical therapy because it is time consuming and painful.

Injuries get worse when treatment is continued. By the time an injury victim returns to the doctor, the condition may be more difficult to treat. In addition, claims managers will view the decision to discontinue treatment as evidence that the injury must have healed. They view a return to the doctor as evidence of fraud. Motorcycle riders can protect their health and their compensation claim by rigorously following their doctor’s advice.

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