Getting Medical Bills Paid When the Accident Was Partially Your Fault

If you live in a negligence state, every car accident report will state fault. Someone has to be held accountable, and that person or his or her insurance company will have to pay for injuries and damages. If you were considered partially at fault, what should you do to get your medical bills paid? The following are a few ideas.

Putting Your Health Insurance to Work

If you have private health insurance, see if you can put it to work paying for your medical bills. In most cases you can, but you’ll need to be clear with the medical provider the injuries were sustained in a car accident. If a third party is deemed at fault in a later court case, your health insurer can work toward getting their money back. This may come from the third party itself or it could come from your settlement money.

Using Personal Injury Protection

Personal injury protection is coverage required in most states, and is attached to your car insurance policy. PIP does have a limit, so once a certain amount of medical bills are paid by it, you’ll no longer have that protection. Before you pay out of pocket for any medical bills, see how much PIP coverage you have and use it until you reach the limit.

Contacting Your Local Medicaid Office

If you don’t have private insurance, it’s possible you’ll qualify for Medicaid. This is government-paid insurance for individuals who are at a low income level. Medicaid will wait until PIP runs out before they will step in to pay for any medical costs, so it’s essential you inform your Medicaid office you are receiving care for auto accident injuries. The office will then need an exhaust notice from your insurance provider, stating your PIP coverage has run out.

Using Workers’ Compensation

If your car accident happened during the course of your employment, it’s possible you can receive workers’ compensation. You’ll need proof it happened during employment. If you were on your lunch break, and were not running a single errand for your job, you probably couldn’t receive workers’ compensation. If your lunch break included grabbing office supplies for your boss, you might be entitled to it.

Contacting an Attorney for Assistance

When an accident is partially your fault, you often jump to the conclusion you won’t receive any medical expense coverage. Fortunately, there are other ways to receive help in paying your medical bills. If you were involved in an accident, regardless of fault, contact your auto accident lawyer in Canoga Park, CA for assistance today.

Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg for their insight into car accident claims and getting paid when the accident was partially your fault.