Getting Help As the Family Member of Someone With TBI

When your loved one sustains a brain injury, the results are devastating for the whole family. Not only does the individual suffer the physical injury, there are often mental and emotional injuries associated with it, and the family often deals with emotional and financial issues. Your loved one may be seeing doctors and other medical professionals to help him or her with the mental and physical effects of the injury, but are there other resources for everyone involved.

Brain Injury Lawyers

Because you might be dealing with a lawsuit against the party that caused the TBI, you’ll probably want to utilize the assistance of a brain injury lawyer. Your lawyer can help you work through the insurance claims process as well, and when something doesn’t seem fair, your lawyer can step in to help you make it right. If there is a lawsuit in the works, your lawyer can help you write up the complaint, file on time, negotiate with the other party or prepare for a trial.

Live-In Caretakers

Depending on the severity of your loved one’s injuries, you might require the assistance of a live-in caretaker. These professionals’ duties run the range of being a companion in case anything goes wrong to bathing your loved one and taking care of those daily tasks that are essential to an individual’s health. Many caretakers will also ensure the injured person gets to medical appointments, physical therapy and other meetings on time.

Local Support Groups

There are various types of support groups, with some probably right in your own community. These groups teach family members how to care for loved ones with TBI. They offer emotional support when life gets frustrating, and they might also encourage acceptance and love among a wider range of individuals. Some are meant for the actual victim of TBI, and others are meant for family members or caretakers.

National Organizations

You might also seek help from national organizations such as the Brain Injury Association of America. There, you’ll find loads of personal stories, public awareness information, research opportunities, and other information about what to expect and what you can do. The BIA also contains information for other assistance programs and similar organizations right in your own state.

Learning More

Brain injuries are something that will affect the entire family, not just the individual who was injured. If you’re the loved one of someone who sustained TBI, contact a lawyer, like brain injury lawyers from Johnston Martineau, LLP, today to learn more about the options you have for support.