FAQ Uber Accident

Common Questions Following an Uber Accident

Car accidents that involve Uber can be complicated to sort through. This is because they are not as straightforward as other types of car accidents. You could be left to contend with challenging insurance companies, unsure of who to pursue a legal claim against. A car accident has the ability to leave victims severely impacted. Following an Uber accident, it’s only natural that you will be left seeking answers to a wide range of questions pertaining to your case. For help, contact a car accident lawyer who can help put you first. 

If I was injured in an Uber accident, what is the best way to move forward?

As an Uber passenger, you can be left feeling caught in between following an accident. It can be unclear as to how best to move forward. Immediately following an Uber accident, it’s best that you stay at the scene to ensure that you are not only able to gather the necessary information but receive the medical treatment that you may be in need of. If you have experienced damages as a result, it may be in your best interest to contact a car accident lawyer for help. 

Should I first file a claim against the Uber driver?

Because Uber drivers are considered independent contractors, you may first consider pursuing a claim against their insurance company. Uber will provide supplemental insurance to drivers while the Uber app is in use. However, it’s important to be aware that in some cases, the driver’s insurance may deny these claims should you pursue action against the driver. Should this occur, you may need to take legal action against Uber, which may warrant the help of a car accident lawyer.

What type of insurance must an Uber driver carry?

According to the Uber website, drivers are required to carry comprehensive or third party coverage. This type of coverage provides insurance for injuries or damages incurred by passengers in the vehicle. During trips, Uber provides up to one million dollars of coverage for third party liability. 

What if the Uber driver does not carry the proper insurance?

If the driver does not have the appropriate insurance policy, it’s not uncommon that the claim will be denied. In such situations, you may look to Uber to cover the damages you may be facing. This can feel overwhelming, especially if you are in the process of recovering from injuries which is why you should turn to a car accident lawyer for help. 

If I did not report the accident to Uber, could my case be impacted?

If you were in an Uber accident that has resulted in injuries or damages, it’s in your best interest to report the accident to Uber. However, you may want to be careful about the information you share when you call or email the company. This is where a lawyer can come in handy, they have the ability to assist you in providing information to Uber. If you did not report the accident to Uber initially, it’s best to contact a lawyer as soon as possible to determine how to proceed. Failing to report the accident doesn’t necessarily mean that your case will be impacted, especially if you remained at the scene. This ensures that you have obtained key information to support your case. 

Is it worth it to hire a car accident lawyer for help?

Yes. Hiring a car accident lawyer is likely in your best interest if you were a passenger of an Uber at the time of an accident. If you were injured, you have a right to pursue compensation for your losses. A lawyer can not only help advocate for you but also will play a key role in navigating this often complex and unclear territory. 

For more information about how to proceed with your case following an Uber accident, contact a car accident lawyer, as soon as possible.