Ensure you have a skilled lawyer in case of a traffic mistake

traffic lawyer

If you have been charged with any traffic violation, you need to take certain actions immediately to mitigate the consequences. The first of which should be contacting a reputable Greensville County, VA traffic lawyer.

Traffic in Greensville County

Greensville County is along the Interstate 95 corridor, which generates a high volume of traffic on any given day. The Virginia State Troopers and Greensville County Deputy Sheriffs strictly enforce the traffic laws of this county. In fact, a motorist can be convicted of Reckless Driving for speeding as little as 16 miles per hour over the limit on Interstate 95. This is due to the fact that Virginia law has long classified evidence of speed in excess of 80 miles per hour to be a reckless driving violation. The Code of Virginia also classifies various other driving behaviors as traffic violations. A conviction for any traffic violation can severely jeopardize your freedom, your career, and your driving record. In Virginia, convictions are permanent, will remain on the driving record for several years, and cannot be expunged. Do not miss an opportunity to defend yourself.

Speeding Ticket

If you have received a speeding ticket, it is advisable to hire a qualified traffic lawyer in Greensville County, VA. As much as you may believe it easier to pay the ticket and walk away, you may encounter certain consequences later on that could have been avoided. Most people who have received a speeding ticket swear they will never get another one again. But what happens when you get the second one? The reality is your good driving record can disappear overnight. Even if you go to court to challenge your second ticket, your prior ticket will be there for the prosecutor and judge to see. You will have already lost credibility and you can’t argue that you are a good driver anymore. Each ticket in Virginia is worth fighting. 

Reckless Driving

With close to 900 traffic fatalities reported in Virginia every year, the state treats reckless driving very seriously. Law enforcement officers in Greensville VA are not shy when it comes to issuing tickets to motorists, even in a situation where the offenses are infractions. With more than 30% of traffic fatalities due to excessive speed, reckless driving charges are quite common in Virginia. Unfortunately, most of the people who end up with reckless driving charges are those who have maintained a clean driving record for a considerable period and are careful on the roads. However, even if you are the most law-abiding citizen, mistakes are bound to happen. When they do, ensure you have a skilled lawyer to represent you. In Virginia, reckless driving is defined as driving in a manner that endangers life, limb or property. The penalties for reckless driving in Greensville VA include a jail term of 12 months, a fine of up to $2,500 and a potential loss of driving privileges for up to six months. Even if this is your first reckless driving charge, never plead guilty without consulting a Greensville County, VA traffic lawyer first.

Driving on a Suspended License

 Your driving license may be suspended or revoked for various reasons. They include failure to pay traffic fines within the stipulated timeline, driving under the influence, too many demerit points on your driving record, possession of drugs and reckless driving, among other violations. Unfortunately, your life continues even when your license has been suspended. You have to go to work, run errands and drive children to school. However, since you must comply with the license suspension, you will be highly inconvenienced to say the least – and failure to comply with the directive can lead to dire consequences. 

Contact a legal counsel today

Whether you have been charged with speeding, reckless driving or driving on a suspended license, traffic lawyers can help. Experienced counsel such as The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt can assist you throughout the process and make sure you are adequately prepared to face the charges.