Can I press charges against an Uber driver who caused my car accident?

Uber bills itself as a safe alternative form of transportation. A majority of the time, passengers do experience a safe ride and for many riders, they prefer to engage an Uber driver rather than hire a taxi or take a city bus. While ride sharing can be a great option, there are potential downsides. Though Uber drivers and their vehicles undergo a rudimentary background check by the company, it does not guarantee that things will not go wrong. On occasion, an Uber driver exhibits negligent behavior and it results in an accident that injures a passenger, occupants in another vehicle, or a pedestrian. The injuries may be severe or even fatal.

If you were injured in a car accident caused by an Uber driver, you may be unclear about how to go about recovering your damages. You may wish to obtain justice for what happened to you or a family member. Even if Uber itself has told you that you are not eligible to collect compensation from them for your damages, this may not be accurate. Talk to an Uber car accident lawyer. Most offer victims and their family members a complimentary consultation to discuss their case and learn what legal options they may have available to them.

What does it mean to press charges?

When someone is the victim of a criminal act and reports that act to the police, this may be referred to as pressing charges. It is then up to the local prosecutor or district attorney to decide whether or not to arrest and charge the accused with the crime. The victim does not have the power to charge the accused. However, the victim can pursue civil action against the person who caused them harm.

What is involved in pursuing a civil action against someone?

A civil action is different from a criminal action. In the latter scenario, only a prosecutor or district attorney has the legal authority to charge someone with a crime. Civilians have the option to pursue a civil action in civil court through the submission of an injury claim or a civil lawsuit.

The party who files the lawsuit is referred to as the plaintiff. The accused is referred to as the defendant. In the context of a car accident caused by an Uber driver which resulted in a serious injury to someone else, the victim might file a lawsuit to recover their damages. The victim would be the plaintiff, and the Uber driver would be the defendant. The plaintiff must prove that the Uber driver’s negligent actions resulted in the injury accident. Because the courts would otherwise be overwhelmed with frivolous lawsuits, they have strict guidelines and criteria which must be met before a court action commences. This is one very important argument for hiring a car accident lawyer in Des Moines, IA. After a careful review of your case, you should have a clear understanding of whether or not you have grounds for a civil lawsuit. Should they agree to represent you, they can form the legal basis for your lawsuit, one which will offer the best chance for a positive resolution.

 Thanks to Johnston Martineau, LLP for their insight into personal injury claims and pressing charges for Uber accident injuries.