Are There Any Liabilities in the Case of the Kobe Bryant Helicopter Crash?

Every person wishes to start the New Year on a positive note. However, that was not the case for millions of fans as basketball legend Kobe Bryant passed away along with 8 others  in a helicopter crash. The tragic event happened on January 26 in the morning. According to reports, the passengers were heading to Gianna Bryant’s basketball game when the crash took place.

The news spread like wildfire on social media and sparked a debate regarding the reasons for the crash. People started speculating about what could have caused the crash. 

Are There Any Liabilities in This Case? 

Many legal experts in the media discussed if there was any liability in the case. The important question was that if there was product liability, then who did it fall on? Some said the company Island Express Helicopters was to blame, while others believed that the pilot was at fault. 

Detailed Reports and Findings

The case is still under investigation, however the information that has been released to the public shows that someone might be facing a lawsuit very soon and that it very well might be the company Island Express Helicopters. Early reports were very confusing as there were speculations that the helicopter belonged to Kobe Bryant himself. If that was the case then the liability would have fallen on the pilot (considering the pilot did not follow the flying rules). It was later revealed that the helicopter belonged to a company based in South of Los Angeles by the name of Island Express Helicopters. The pilot flying the helicopter was also an employee of the same company.

After the incident, the company took down its website and grounded all helicopters until further notice. Later findings show that the helicopter was not properly maintained. The model of the helicopter was Sikorsky S-76B, which was built in the early 1990s. The helicopter was almost 30 years old, which also added to the reasons for the crash. Another significant thing to know was the low altitude the helicopter was flying at. The helicopter was flying incredibly low because of the high intensity of fog. This is why the air control network could not guide the helicopter. 

The most important information, however, was the breach of certification. The company Island Express Helicopters was only certified to fly helicopters in daylight when the pilot could see directly outside the helicopter. Neither the company nor the pilot was certified to use the helicopter’s instruments to fly the aircraft. This gives rise to a lot of questions. If the company were not authorized to fly the helicopter in such conditions, then why did they allow the trip in the first place?

Who Does The Legal Liability Fall On?

There is no question about the legal liability in this scenario. It is very clear that there is legal liability in this case and it falls on the helicopter company. The company and the pilot did not follow proper protocol that could’ve prevented this crash. 

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Thanks to Royce Injury Attorneys for their insight into some of the liabilities in the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash.