Abuses that Occur at Nursing Homes

What is Considered Abuse?

Abuse can occur either emotionally or physically. Evidence of emotional abuse may be seen if your loved one is afraid of certain staff members at the nursing home. If they are visibly shaken in the presence of a staff member, this could be a sign of prior abuse from that staff member. Physical abuse may have occurred if you are seeing your loved one have broken bones, strange bruises or other bodily harms that are unexplainable. It’s crucial to pay close attention to these things when your loved one lives in a nursing home. While some bruising or broken bones can be explained logically, there are times when they are not. Whether it be emotional or physical abuse, always keep the feelings and what’s best for your loved one at heart.   

Are Abuse & Neglect the Same Thing?

Abuse and neglect are slightly different from one another, but belong in the same spectrum. Abuse occurs if a staff member of the nursing home is inflicting emotional or physical harm upon your loved one. The evidence of this could be seen in bruising, broken bones or mental issues like depression or anxiety. 

Neglect is more commonly seen through medicines being forgotten to be administered or failure to provide nursing home residents with adequate vitamins and hydration. If exercise isn’t scheduled according to professional recommendations or isn’t being given to your loved one, this could also be neglect.

What to do

It’s very important that you always consider that the needs are being met for your loved one at the nursing home. It is also critical that you listen to what they are telling you about the day to day life at the facility. If they are telling you stories that cause you concerns about potential neglect or abuse, then make sure to document these things. It could be that the nursing home is taking advantage of your loved one and not meeting their needs that they guaranteed. Action can be taken against nursing homes and compensation has been known to have been awarded in cases. Other benefits can also arise from seeking legal counsel in the event that the nursing home is neglecting your loved one.