A Lawyer for Injuries Sustained by Broken Glass

When it comes to car accident injuries, many people initially think about broken bones, whiplash, and head injuries. While each of these are certainly possible, another common injury that is often unthought of is lacerations and cuts from broken glass. 

In car accidents that involve any kind of serious force or impact, there is a greater risk of glass from the windows and mirrors breaking. Even though the glass is meant to be shatter-proof, sometimes the impact is so hard that it does shatter and fly everywhere. 

When a Car Accident Causes Broken Glass Injuries

Although glass from a cars’ window might shatter into small fragments, it is very sharp. When the impact causes the glass to be flown throughout the vehicle, deep lacerations can occur. Not only might these lacerations cause pain and scarring, but they can also leave the victim vulnerable to developing an infection. In some cases, severe bleeding can occur. If the victim is not treated in a timely manner, their loss of blood could become life threatening. As a leading car accident lawyer knows, these cases have included multiple bodily lacerations, severe bleeding, significant scarring, and risk of losing a limb. 

Recovering Damages from Glass Injuries

If you were injured in a car accident, and some of these injuries are from glass, damages may be available. Whether or not this is possible largely depends on whether negligence is a factor. If another person caused the accident, a lawyer, like a car accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA from Andrew R. Lynch, P.C., may be able to seek damages for any related losses. 

Damages that May Be Available

If shattered glass caused you to be injured, economic and non-economic damages for the following may be included in your claim:

Medical care

Future medical treatment

Skin grafting

Cosmetic treatment and surgery

Therapy and rehabilitation

Loss of income

Lost wages

Pain and suffering

Emotional distress

In some cases, a car accident lawyer will seek punitive damages. These may apply when gross negligence or malicious intent is a factor. In general, a case will go to trial before punitive damages can be awarded. If you lost someone in a car accident, a lawyer might recommend that you file a wrongful death claim. The damages are similar to those above, but may also include funeral and burial costs, as well as loss of earning capacity, loss of consortium loss of support, and more. 

Pain and Suffering from Glass Injuries

The damages for pain and suffering for a shattered glass injuries may be considerable because:

Glass injuries are often very painful

The physical damage from glass is often severe

Disfigurement and scarring is common

In general, the more pain and suffering you endure, the more compensation will be available. To learn more about filing a claim, please call a car accident lawyer now.